Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday, June 11th

So, just a quick post tonight! Not too much going on this week. Work has been good, and I have been helping to get organized for the next intervention in the field. We are hitting a roadblock with a few important logistics, so we need to get to the field to ask some of the supervisors there for information. We’ll probably go for a day or two next week! I’m very excited to see the project area.

Today, we heard news of the strike yesterday. Two hand bombs went off in Shahbagh Square—the same square Martin and I were three days ago!! The bombs were for the strike, so were unlikely related to the rally we saw, but I’m thinking that area is definitely not somewhere we should be hanging around. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. They were very small bombs, dropped by two motorcyclists that drove off afterwards. A protest against the Jammeet-E-Islami strike was happening in the square at the time.

Things are quiet here; I heard from the guys and they might not be getting back until after Thursday but think it will probably be Thursday. I hope it’s Thursday--it’s lonely staying in this apartment alone! I have been sleeping fine even though the apartment is FULL of creepy noises. And little ants. And baby cockroaches. And a little lizard. So many miniature animals. I did wake up to myself sleep walking across my room last night, while sleep talking to someone I thought I saw in the corner of my room! I was weirdly not that freaked out by this at the time, but I think it was because I really only half woke up and then got myself back into bed.

I’ll keep you updated on anything happening this week! It will likely be a quiet week with me hanging out on my own here. I have officially figured out how to get to and from work and have walked a few times now. Also,  I was able to guide a rickshaw going the COMPLETELY wrong way in the right direction, so no more stress about getting to work! Finally…knock on wood...

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