Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11th--Weekend Pictures

Gulshan 2 Circle--this is the center of Gulshan 2

Gulshan 2 Circle (first stoplight I had seen in Dhaka...)

Gulshan 2 Circle 

The entrance to one of the markets in Gulshan 2

This picture doesn't capture it that well, but all of the buses here look like they've been paper mache-d!

The kittens I wanted to buy! (Even though I'm allergic...)

A line of rickshaws waiting for customers

Through those trees under the roof are some pottery stands we found off one of the main roads in Gulshan 2 

Inside one of the pottery stands in Gulshan 2 

Kishan walking NEXT to our rickshaw on the way home from Gulshan 2. No this is not usual. We got out so that he could get up the hill more easily.... 

View going across the river on the way home from Gulshan 2

The National Assembly Hall (Parliament) 

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