Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sunday, July 14th--Weekend Pictures!

The lake at the end of the road that our apartment is on (Banani Lake)

Hussaini Dalan--the Shiite mosque we visited on Friday (view from the back in the graveyard)

The front

Prabhat lighting candles outside of the mosque. The little wrappers tied to the window are incense wrappers. People make wishes on them and tie them to the mosque and light the incense to make them come true. 

A view from inside of the mosque

Prabhat and I inside the mosque overlooking the pond 

Setting up for Iftar!

The main prayer room. Unfortunately the picture doesn't capture how sparkly the ceiling and chandeliers were!

The graveyard 

The back of the mosque

Some solo pics in front of one of the doors 

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